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Inviting Shabbos Guests for Kiruv

Question: What does the Rav hold about inviting non-religious Jews for a Fri night meal, when they live 25-45 miles away? a) when you send them a flyer through an email, not putting them on the spot to come, but rather informing them there is a meal going on locally. There are some locals attending, and these people who live farther out are also being included. It could even end up being that the majority o ...

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Inviting Non Jews on Yom Tov

Question: In my work in kiruv rechokim, I am often compelled to have non jewish guests on Yom Tov. This includes family members, spouses and other acquaintances of jewish students that I am involved with. Must this be avoided? In many instances, one will not come without the other. Answer: In modern times where much of the cooking for Yom Tov is done before Yom Tov, and it is unheard of to have to prepare a ...

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Inviting someone who will drive on Shabbos

Question: Hi, I was hoping you can share the Rav's thoughts on inviting someone that will drive for a Shabbos meal, In the case of the individual being offered a place to stay and clearly understands you prefer they not drive. I would like add a point, does the Rav feel in this particular question being that I normally ask my shailos to poskim the USA who would site Rav Moshe's ruling that it would be forbi ...

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