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Ivf and gender selection

Question:Would there be any halachic/ethical issues with one who is performing IVF due to infertility to request a specific gender?I’ve heard that R SZ Auerbach thought it to be unethical for a couple to undergo IVF specifically to have a specific gender, however what would be with one who is anyway undergoing IVF?(We currently have 2 girls BH and would like to be mekayem Pru Urvu.) Answer: While it would n ...

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IVF and Kehuna

Question: If a kohen and his wife have a son through IVF, is the son a kohen? Answer: Yes, he is considered his son in every respect including to being a Kohen. תשובת מורנו הרב במה ששאל לדעתי בתינוקות שנולדו מטיפולי הפריה חוץ גופית (IVF) אם מילתן דוחה שבת. ידעתי וגם שמעתי שיש מגדולי הדור שפסקו שאין מילתן דוחה שבת, אך לענ”ד נראה טפי דיש למולן בשבת. ומקור סוגיא זו בחגיגה (י”ד ע”ב) “בתולה שעיברה מהו לכהן גדול” ...

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IVF Baby – Bris Milah on Shabbos

Question: לכבוד מרן שליט׳א Can a baby boy who was born on shabbos after his parents underwent IVF have his bris on shabbos? Many thanks. Answer: A natural birth following IVF should be treated as all other natural births, and the baby should have his bris on Shabbos. תשובת מרנו הרב במה ששאל לדעתי בתינוקות שנולדו מטיפולי הפריה חוץ גופית (IVF) אם מילתן דוחה שבת. ידעתי וגם שמעתי שיש מגדולי הדור שפסקו שאין מילת ...

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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Gender Selection

Question: לכבוד מורנו הגאב׳ד ורבנים המכובדים שליט״א Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is available to couples that are at risk of having a child with a specific genetic or chromosome disorder, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease or Huntington's disease. The fertilised embryos develop for three days and then one or two cells are removed from each embryo. The genetic material (DNA and chromoso ...

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Triple Parent IVF

Question: לכבוד רבינו הגאון רבי אשר וייס שליט״א Mitochondria are tiny energy generators inside cells, containing their own little bit of DNA, which is separate to the genetic material held in the nucleus. They are present in the egg, but not in the sperm, and are passed down the female line, more or less unchanged, from mothers to all her offspring, and then from daughters to grandchildren and so on. In som ...

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In Vitro Fertilization

Question: It is possible for Jewish couple, with problems to have children, to try In Vitro Fertilization and if so, what should be the Lady's Mikvah schedule . Thank you in advance for your response. Answer: When necessary, IVF is a permissible and even encouraged method to attempt to overcome infertility, in order to perform the great mitzvah of P’ru U’rvu, bringing children into this world. For many reas ...

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