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Woman saying kaddish prayer

Question: A woman's father recently passed away and she is the only remaining child. Is she permitted to say kaddish publicly for her father? If permitted, does she say it quietly or can her recital be audible to other? Answer: A woman should not say Kaddish for her father. To say it out loud would violate norms of Tznius and Kdushas Beis Haknesses. In addition in today's environment this is a slippery slop ...

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Mourning Close Relatives During A Parent’s shiva

Question: A man was sitting shiva for his father. During the shiva he was informed that his paternal aunt had just passed away and that she has no one to say kaddish for her apart from him. Is he now permitted to attend his aunt's burial in order to say kaddish? many thanks Answer: From the third day of shiva and on, he may attend a funeral of a relative, and return home immediately afterwards. If there wil ...

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Kaddish by Non Observant Son

Question: Is there anything wrong with a non-observant Jew saying kaddish for his mother on the day of her yartzhiet? would it be preferable to have an observant Jew say it instead or better the son? Answer: The son takes precedence over all others for saying kaddish, even if he is non observant. The son is the one who has the obligation to say kaddish because of Mitzvas Kibbud Av, and in addition it is the ...

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