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Tolaim [bugs] in Water and Fish

Question: What is the Gaavad’s opinion regarding 1) copepods in NY water, that R. Belsky permitted and other poskim forbade and 2) anisakis in fish? Answer:  If the water in fact contains a high instance of infestation which we would define as a commonly found issue, the water should ideally be filtered [one should clarify the conditions of the drinking water in his area].  One who has good eyesight and loo ...

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Heating Food in Non Kosher Microwave

Question: I work at a Dayhab for developmentally disabled individuals. Some have MR (Mental Retardation), some have Autism, schizophrenia and more. There is microwave to heat up their food for lunch. People put in Milchiks and Fleishigs one after the other. In the past food that is completely treif has been put in there. Is the microwave treif? Can I use it? Am I allowed to warm up the individuals food? I t ...

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Whiskey from Sherry Casks

Question: What is the Rav's opinion about whiskey which is aged in Sherry Casks? Answer: The flavor in the casks is considered insignificant in halacha and poses no kashrus concern for the whiskey. This is due to the fact that the flavor is halachically indiscernible, and presumed by chazal not to significantly improve the whiskey in any tangible way. See the attached teshuvos for elaboration [taken from Sh ...

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Non-Jewish Housekeepers

Question:  Is there a problem leaving non-Jewish housekeeper/babysitter in the house alone if there is no yotze v'nichnas and the babysitter knows you won't be home for a chunk of time. Does one have to be choshesh that she used your Keilim or brought non-kosher into the house? I have a babysitter that comes 5 days a week and watches my baby. We provide her lunch daily and don't let her wash dishes with hot ...

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