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Intimate Gay Behavior

Intimate Gay Behavior Question: B'kavod Ha'Rav, I have seen discussion regarding gay Jewish people where the claim is made that chazal did not prohibit any part of a gay "lifestyle" other than the actual act of bi'ah (please excuse my impolite language but I am trying to avoid confusion). I would like to understand if this is true, if so why it was not discussed, and if it is therefore correct to say that a ...

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Changing Diapers in a room with Seforim

Question: May one change an infant's diaper in a living room or den that conatins seforim? If it is mutar until a certain age, at what point is it no longer mutar? Answer: Changing a diaper in a room with seforim is permissible. One who wishes to be stringent may position himself between the baby and the seforim while changing the diaper. See Shu"t Machaze Eliyahu [siman 5-6] who explains at length that the ...

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Bar Mitzva in Beis Kneses

Question: L'chvod Harav, We were planning on making a Bar Mitzvah seuda in a shul in Eretz Yisrael. My rav expressed concern that any shul that has keduashas Beis Haknesses is assur to do "sicha betayla" there. I told him that this shul was built to be a social hall, and they daven there because they haven't built the shul part yet. When I asked the rav of the shul if it was kedushas beis ha'knesses, he ans ...

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