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Beans and Peas – Kitniyos

Question: I need to know whether beans and sweet peas are part considered kitniyus. they truly just vegetables, not grown with wheat, and not made into flour . thank you! Answer: Yes, both of these are considered kitniyos. Sources: Kitniyos is a general term which includes grains that grow in the proximity of chometz grains and select grains that can be cooked and baked in a fashion similar to chometz grain ...

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Chia Seeds

Question: I read the Rav's teshuva on Quinoa being considered kitniyos on Pesach. What does the Rav hold about Chia Seeds? Answer: Quinoa has traditionally and is still currently used as a staple type food, similar to rice and corn. It is eaten not only as a topping or additive but also as a dish by itself. Chia seeds however have are not used as such. Rather they are generally used a topping or additive, m ...

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Quinoa on Pesach

Question: Is Quinoa permissible for Pesach use for Ashkenazim who do not eat kitniyot? Answer: One should be stringent and treat quinoa as kitniyot on Pesach. :תשובת מורנו הרב נשאלתי ע"י רבים בזרעוני קינואה שלאחרונה רבים הצורכים אותם כמאכל בריאות, והוא מעין מין קטניות ועושין ממנו מעין דייסה ומיני מאפה, האם יש בזה איסור קטניות בפסח. ולאחר דרישה וחקירה נתברר לי שמזון זה היה עיקר מזונם של בני שבט האינקה בדרום ...

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