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Kohanim Visiting Graves of Tzadikim

Question: לכבוד מורנו הגאב׳ד ורבנים המכובדים שליט״א Is a kohen permitted to visits the kever of Rashbi or any other of the kivrei Tzadikim in Israel or Chutz la'aretz? With many thanks. Answer: There is no room for leniency in this matter, and as such Kivrei Tzaddikim should be treated as all other kivrei yisrael with regards to Tumas Meis. :תשובת מורנו הרב הנה מימות עולם השתטחו בני ישראל על קברי אבותיהם נו ...

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Establishing Status as Kohen

Question: Hi, I have student who is a recent baal teshuva, who has uncertainty with regards to his status as a kohen. There is an indication on his grandfather’s tombstone that he is in fact a kohen. Is that sufficient to establish his status as a kohen? Answer: While a tombstone is certainly somewhat of an indication that he is a kohen, by no means is that itself enough to establish his status. See Igros M ...

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