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Fake Tattoos for Kids

Question: Is it mutar for kids to stick on "sticker tattoos" (of characters, etc) or is this an issur of k'soives ka'aka? (The tattoos do not stay on permanently but they do not come off without a good scrubbing of soap and water. Without scrubbing they will remain for a few weeks.) Answer: The prohibition of “ksoves kaaka” is limited to instances where both “ksiva” and “kaaka” are present. This means a cut ...

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Permanent Makeup

  Question: Is it permissible to have semi permanent makeup professionally applied? It is inserted in the upper layers of the epidermis, and remains until the body replaces those layers of skin, usually taking a few years. Answer: There are a number of reasons why such makeup may not fall under the Torah prohibition of “ksoves kaaka”, the prohibition of making marks and writing on one’s skin. This makeup is ...

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