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Patronizing Store with Cashier Thief

Patronizing Store with Cashier Thief Question: I buy a lot of things from a store in my neighborhood- I recently noticed that cashier is pocketing the $ I give him without putting it in the cash register. Am I allowed to buy from this store (please note that I am not comfortable telling the manager as I could be putting me and my family in danger-- it also would be extremely inconvenient to shop somewhere e ...

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Shutting Down Homepage for Shabbos

Question: Sholom uVrocho, I maintain a website covering a book about the parasha and containing a weekly parshezettel available for download and as a "Blog". In the summer I used to shut down the homepage on Erev Shabbos, but than it took me a while to restart it on Mozzei Shabbos/Sunday. Now in the winter its much harder to shut if off right before shabbos and I would have to do it a lot earlier. As you ca ...

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Pawn Shops

Question: Can one purchase items from a pawn shop or does one need to be concerned that stolen items have been pawned? Answer: As long as one is not directly aiding the buying and selling of stolen goods, items may be purchased from a pawn shop. One need not assume that what he is buying is stolen merchandise, unless he has specific information about that store or item being sold. ...

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Inviting Shabbos Guests for Kiruv

Question: What does the Rav hold about inviting non-religious Jews for a Fri night meal, when they live 25-45 miles away? a) when you send them a flyer through an email, not putting them on the spot to come, but rather informing them there is a meal going on locally. There are some locals attending, and these people who live farther out are also being included. It could even end up being that the majority o ...

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