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Lighting Menorah for Visitors

Question: 1. A person who is invited (with his family) to close family members for a Hadlokas Neros. The hosts are well meaning but not very `informed` and are likely to be offended by the invited family not wanting to light by them. Is there any heitter for the guests to light there? (They are not sleeping there, just about eating one meal) And is there room le`hokel to allow at least the boys (probably hi ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menorah at Children’s Home

Question: During Chanuka I often go to visit my married children for hadlakas neiros. If I am there from the zman [shkiyah] until around 10 – 11 at night and I am eating dinner there, when and where should I light neiros Chanuka? Could I light by my children’s house? Is it preferable to make a shliach to light in my house, or could I light when I return home at about 11:30 at night [only my wife and I live ...

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