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Non-Meveshul Wine

Non-Mevushal Wine Question: If one has non-Jewish help in the house can one leave non-opened non-mevushal wine in the house? What is the status of the wine if he did? Answer: A new bottle of wine which is still sealed certainly has the halachah of being closed with one "chosem" a halachic seal. Therefore in our day and age where there is no real concern of a non Jew performing libations for idol worship, th ...

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Amira L’Akum for Hachana

Question: Can you ask a non-jewish cleaning lady to wash ones dishes on day 1, of a 2 day Yom Tov, if the keilim will not be used for the day 1 anymore? (Same question for washing dishes on Shabbos if one will not need the dishes for shabbos anymore). Is amirah l'akum applicable to the issur of hachanah? Answer: Asking a non-Jew to do something which does not involve any melacha, only preparing for after sh ...

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