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Medicinal Cannabis Use

Question: From a patient with their permission- hello, I live in a country where medicinal/recreational cannabis use is illegal. I suffer from a chronic condition which responds very well to cannabis. In fact if I lived in another country where medicinal cannabis use is legal doctors would prescribe this for me. The only access I have to cannabis in my country is by purchasing it illegally and smoking it. A ...

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Smoking Marijuana on Yom Tov

Question: Shalom alecha Rav, The Rav has stated clearly that smoking tobacco is an issur gamor, regardless of whether or not it is permitted to smoke on Yom Tov. However, a question arises about smoking marijuana, which shares neither the risk of addiction nor the health risks as tobacco. On the contrary, there are over 1 million patients in the United States who have been prescribed marijuana for a variety ...

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