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‘Glatt’ meat vs ‘Chalak Beit Yosef’

Question: Do ashkenazim need to be stringent to ensure that they consume 'chalak beis yosef' meat as detailed by the Beit Yosef or is it simply a praiseworthy act? What is the Rav's position on this? Answer: Glatt Kosher according to the Rama is acceptable lechatchila for ashkenazim. This means allowing removal of "ririn", small very easily removable adhesions from the lungs. This is basen on the Bais Dovid ...

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Taste the meat foods on erev Shabbos Chazon

Question: I work as a chef in a summer camp, and need to prepare the food for shabbos chazon. May I taste the meat foods on erev shabbos? Answer: Food may be tasted to ensure quality and taste. The food being tasted does not have to be spit out. מקורות:    מנהג בני אשכנז לא לאכול בשר ולשתות יין כל תשעת הימים מר"ח אב, כמבואר בש"ע ופוסקים סי' תקנ"א סעי ט'. ולטעום המאכל בערב שבת עי' אור לציון ח"ג סי' כו' אות ד ...

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