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Muktzeh Status of Medication

Question: An ill person takes his liquid/tablet medication (with a very bitter taste; once a day dose) and forgets to put them away on shabbos leaving them on the table in his kitchen. On shabbos he has some unexpected guests and prefers that they don't see the medication. Is he permitted to move the medication or are they considered מוקצה מחמת גופו and therefore they can only be covered? Thank you. Answer: ...

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Taking Medication During Fasts

Question: An elderly patient is on a number of medication for his irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation) in order to regulate his heart beat and thin his blood so to prevent him from going back into an irregular rhythm which can in turn increase his risk of stroke and potentially death. Since his diagnosis he has continued to take this medication every morning at 8 as instructed by his doctor. All of th ...

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