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Post-It Notes on Shabbos

Post-It Notes on Shabbos Question: May one put on or remove post-it notes [that are stuck on to paper] on Shabbat? Answer: Yes, they may be used as they are non permanent and clearly designed to come on and off. Hence there would be no problem of the melacha of sewing [tofer]. There are those who are stringent unless it will be taken off within a day. Sources: See Shu”t Minchas Asher Vol. 2:39, Nishmas Shab ...

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Removing Blu-Tack on Shabbos

Question: Is it mutar for a gabai to take down a sign during bein hashmashos that says to say yaale veyavo which is stuck to a wall with blue tack in order that the kahal shouldn't make a mistake over Shabbos - do we say shvus deshvus? Answer: Blue Tack is designed to be temporary and easily removed, specifically not to create a permanent connection or attachment. It would seem in fact permissible to remove ...

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Closing Beeping Fridge

Question: A fridge door gets opened by mistake with the Shabbos setting not turned on. It starts beeping loudly. And the whole mishpacha can't sleep (the wife) can you be somech on a shvus deshvus and close the door with a shinui. Or is it only that we are somech on that with amira leakum if so where is it mefurash. And also If you close the door and the beeping goes off inadvertently is that called a grama ...

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