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Psak Halacha

Question: Shalom le Kvod Harav I have some questions about the rules of the Psak Halacha. Every person who learns Gmara with Rishonim and then Tur,Beit Yosef,Darkei Moishe and Shulchan Aruch with Poskim sees that there are different opinions on one topic.For example we have Psak of Mechaber and Ramo who contradicts him and then Taz disagrees with Ramo and Shach has his own opinion,and then Pri Megodim paske ...

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Eilu V’Eilu

Question: Does the principle of אלו ואלו דברי אלקים חיים apply in a historical מחלוקת about what happened? For example, whether the תורה was originally given in כתב אשורית or כתב עברי? Or when two אמוראים argue about what the תנא said? Answer: It would seem that the rule of אלו ואלו דבדרי אלקים חיים would apply to debates pertaining to clarifying a question of halacha. The fact that the practical halacha si ...

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