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Mezuza with Velcro

Question: Hi, can I attach a mezuza with velcro straps? This will make it much easier to take down to check.   Answer: One should not affix a mezuza with velcro. Although it may be somewhat securely fastened, the nature of velcro is to be a non permanent connection, to easily come on and off. This type of fastening does not constitute sewing or building according to halacha, with regards to Shabbos. Us ...

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Partnership with non Jews

Question: Shalom Uveracha There are three yidden of which two of us are shomrei shabbos and we are partners with two goyim. The yidden in total hold 60% of the shares in the company. The company operates on shabbos as we are in the venting industry of which many events happen through the weekend as well. Baruch Hashem most of the vents happen during the week as we cater mostly for corporate events. What are ...

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Mezuzah in Office Building

Question: I rent space in an office building [owned by Jews]. I put mezuzos on my office. What about the entrance to the building and the entrance ways and hallways [with doorways] I pass through to get to my office. If no one else cares to put up, am I obligated as a renter in this building? Thanks Answer: As a partner renting space in the building, there would be an obligation to put a mezuza on any doorw ...

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Mezuzah for Boiler Room

Question: Does my boiler room in the attached photo need a mezuza? It's 7 ft deep x 6 ft wide, and as you can see much of that space is taken up by the boiler itself and the sink in the room. There is no door on the room. Answer: This size room actually has the minimum required size for a room to require a mezuza, 4x4 amos. The items in this room do not diminsh the halachic size of the room, and therefore i ...

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Removing Mezuzos

Question: Hi, I am moving out of a basement apartment I rented from a Jew [non religious]. He will be now renting it to a non – Jew for the purpose of storage and not to live in it. May I remove the mezuzos when I leave or is it always forbidden to remove mezuzos. Thanks for your help. Answer: When it is clear that after you a non- Jew will be moving in, you may and in fact should remove the mezuzos before ...

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