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Kashering MIcrowave and Dishwasher

Question: Sholom I was wondering what the Rov shlit`a opnion is as to whether on could kasher 1. a microwave 2. a dishwasher which was in possession of gentiles, and if yes, how? Many thanks Answer: Being that both of these do not receive non kosher taste absorption directly, they may be kashered. In a microwave, the food is generally covered during cooking. Even when cooked openly the steam is minimal duri ...

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Heating Food in Non Kosher Microwave

Question: I work at a Dayhab for developmentally disabled individuals. Some have MR (Mental Retardation), some have Autism, schizophrenia and more. There is microwave to heat up their food for lunch. People put in Milchiks and Fleishigs one after the other. In the past food that is completely treif has been put in there. Is the microwave treif? Can I use it? Am I allowed to warm up the individuals food? I t ...

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Basar b’Chalav – Dairy Spoon in Meat Soup

Question: A milchig spoon was wet from cold milk. Was washed, without detergent, under a direct stream of hot water. Within 24 hours was used to eat a hot bowl of meat soup, heated in the microwave to piping hot. Bowl is corningware. Spoon will be kashered. What's the din of the bowl? 1. Do we in fact assume the kiluach was mavliah the milk before it washed it off? (can we cast aspersions on his assertion t ...

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