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Bracha on Tevilla and Shechita

Question: Does a woman who is immersing (counted 7 nekiyim etc.) make a bracha even though she will not have relations (is it like Netilas Yadim where you don't make a bracha if you aren't going to eat bread). How about if someone is shechting an animal to throw to the dogs, does he make a bracha on the shechita? Answer: There is a debate among the Achronim if one who does a proper shechita and bedika, so t ...

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Officiating at Wedding of Non Religious Couple

Question: I've been asked to officiate at the upcoming wedding of one of the colleges students that participated in our outreach program many years ago. Although the couple is jewish, they and their familes remain very "Viet" from yiddishkeit. Several issues have arisen. 1. Regarding the date, am I to ask that they please not make the date during the sifira dates or is that something I shouldn't make an iss ...

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