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Mincha / Mariv

Question: Sholom, In a community where there is only one Tefillah of Mincha followed by Maariv and a person is late and misses Mincha. The question is based that there is no Shkia issue and also that the Shmone Essre of Mincha and Mariv are the same (i.e. no Rosh Chodesh etc.) What is the right approach: 1. Daven Mincha Shmone Essre with the Zibbur`s Mariv Shmone Essre and then Maariv on his own. 2. Daven M ...

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Zman Tefillas Mincha

Question: Shalom! Now in world of yeshivos is accepted to says that it is impossible to daven Mincha after sunset even bediavad, as not accepted rely on Rabbeinu Tam. Is this correct? Thank You! Answer: There are varied minhagim with regards to davening mincha after shkiya. Chassidim rely on the opinion of Rabbenu Tam and even lchatchila daven after shkiya. The Litvish and Bnei Yeshiva are makpid to daven b ...

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