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Tevilah for Water Cooler

Question: Does a water cooler that has metal in the part that cools the water need to be tovled? Answer: Water coolers are exempt from Tevillas Keilim. One who wishes to be stringent in this matter transfer ownership of the cooler to a non Jew and borrow it back from him for usage. Although this practice is not generally relied on to absolve the obligation for Tevila, in this instance where the cooler is ex ...

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Metzitza B’Peh

Question: How should one perform the minhag of “metzitza b’peh” by a bris milah? If it permissible to do with a tube shouldn’t that be done to avoid any danger to the baby, being that this is a custom and not an obligation? Answer: As with all Minhagei Yisrael, metzitza b’peh must be treated as an indispensable part of mitzvas milah. Metzitza is already given great importance by Chazal, as is quoted in the ...

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Yartziet in Adar

Question: Does one commemorate an Adar yartziet in the first Adar or second? Answer: According to Shulchan Aruch O:C 568:7 the yortzeit is commemorated in Adar Sheni as with all other mitzvos of the month of Adar. This is assuming the year of the petirah was a shana pshuta. If the petirah was in Adar Rishon, the yortzeit should be thus commemorated as well. In addition the Bais Yosef [Y:D 403] stipulates th ...

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Brocha Achrona for Hot Drinks

Question: What is the halacha with regards to bracha achrona on hot drinks, such as coffee and tea? How fast must one drink them in order to say borei nefashos, or do we apply the rule of safek brachos lehakel? Answer: A cup of tea or coffee drank in the normal way, slowly sipping over the course of a few minutes, is a subject of great debate with regards to making a bracha achrona. If possible, the Mishna ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menorah at a Public Gathering

Question: I work with a number of non religious co-workers in the same office. On chanuka we are all in the office at the begining of the zman hadlaka. May I light menora for them with a bracha? Most of them will not be lighting a menora aside from this. Answer: While one should certainly light menora for them, making a bracha is more questionable and should be avoided. One who makes a bracha on such a ligh ...

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Appropriate Time to Visit the Beis HaChaim

Question: I'm soon completing a year of Aveylus after my father הכ’מ His 1st Yohr Tzeit will be on Gimel Shvat. For reasons brought by Achronim, I have refrained from visiting his grave site. The Matzeyva was set up a number of months ago, and of course, I was there. I am a Cohen, although that's not entirely relevant, as I don't go close anyway. Gimel Shvat is a Shabbos. When should the family go according ...

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