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Aveilah Giving Mishloach Manos

Question: Every year, my wife bakes cookies for M"M and the whole neighborhood is very excited to receive them (they are extraordinary). This year, she is in aveilus for her father z"l. It seems from the hilchos aveilus seforim that an avel CAN give M'M, although others should not give him/her. Still, there is reference to the avel NOT giving "devarim shel simcha," such as wine, but this seems to apply only ...

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Tevilas Keilim for Mishloach Manos

Question: A person wishing to send Mishloach Manos with a bowl/container etc. which is to`un Tevilla, and wants to put inside it foods, how should he do so. Pashtus inserting aluminium foil or similar as a separation between the food and the utensil should not help as ultimately he is mishtamesh in a keili which requires Tevilla (as pointed out also in Minchas Shlomo Chelkas Binyomin). On the other hand, to ...

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