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Taking out garbage on Shabbos

Question: I live in Canada where there are three types of garbage: blue bin, for recycling; green bin, for organic waste (food scraps...); and regular garbage, for disposable utensils and everything else. Many people have dogs as well where I live. With regards to Shabbos am I allowed to take out these garbages if 1) they were filled on Shabbos 2) they were partly filled before Shabbos. I wish to take out t ...

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Pets on Shabbat

מוקצה דבעלי חיים הן הלכה פשוטה היא דבעלי חיים מוקצין בשבת וכמבואר במשנה (שבת קכ"ח ע"ב) לגבי אפרוחים, תרנגולים, עגלים וסייחים, וכ"ה בשו"ע (סימן ש"ח סעיף ל"ט – מ') "אסור לטלטל בהמה, חיה ועוף, ואעפ"י כן מותר לכפות את הסל לפני האפרוחים, כדי שיעלו וירדו בו, ובעודם עליו, אסור לטלטלו: כל בהמה חיה ועוף מדדים אותם בחצר, דהיינו שאוחז בצוארן ובצדדים ומוליכן, אם צריכין הבע"ח לכך, ובלבד שלא יגביהם בענין שיעקרו רגליהם מן ...

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Muktzeh Water in Bucket on Shabbos

Question: Before Shabbos, I checked the central air-conditioning unit in my basement and saw that the pump system that's supposed to remove the condensed water was not working. To avoid it overflowing into the basement, I put the tube into a bucket so that it would drain. On Shabbos afternoon, I saw that the bucket was almost full and wondered if I could empty it or replace it with an empty one, or if there ...

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Bosis for Challah that is Tevel

Question: If I forgot to seperate Challah is the Challah a בסיס to the table that it was place on ערב שבת?? Answer: The question is a little unclear. I understand you are asking if the Challos which are tevel make the table a bosis. While the challos are muktzeh and may not be moved [other than in an abnormal way or by means of another object, to clear space on the table], the table would not be considered ...

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Muktzeh Status of Medication

Question: An ill person takes his liquid/tablet medication (with a very bitter taste; once a day dose) and forgets to put them away on shabbos leaving them on the table in his kitchen. On shabbos he has some unexpected guests and prefers that they don't see the medication. Is he permitted to move the medication or are they considered מוקצה מחמת גופו and therefore they can only be covered? Thank you. Answer: ...

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