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Music During Bein Hametzorim

Question: Regarding the Minhag of refraining from listening to music during the `three weeks` A person who wishes to purchase a music cd l`zorech after 9 b`av, but to help him choose the right cd he would like to listen for just a minute to the music - is that permitted or not? The question is based on the fact that this is lichora not mesameach as he will have no great joy and pleasure from this short list ...

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Music Band that Split Up

Question: Three people formed a music band, performed together, and put out discs together. After some time two of the band members told the third that they are no longer interested to perform with him. The third member was deeply offended, and did not react. After some time the other two members brought in a third band member in his place, and continued to perform under the same label. Can the third band m ...

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Downloading Music onto iPod

Question: Can one download music from his friend's computer or CDs that he did not pay for onto his iPod, or is it considered stealing and he has to buy the music himself? Answer: One should avoid downloading others' music onto an iPod, and strive to buy all music legally. At the same time, one does not have to tell off others who download, because there are authorities who are lenient in this matter. Best ...

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