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Pets on Shabbos

Question: What is Rav Asher Weiss' shita on moving and petting pets on Shabbos? Answer: Pets that are intended for petting and playing with, as are the common household pets, are not classified as muktzeh on Shabbos. The Rav's opinion is that while this is the ikar hadin, there is room for stringency in this regard. For one who has a need for use of pets, such as seeing eye dogs, service dogs, or even for t ...

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Walking Dog on Shabbos

Walking Dog on Shabbos Question: Is one allowed to walk a dog on shabbos, with a leash? if we go with the opinion that a dog is muktzeh, how can one "steer" a dog on shabbos? Answer: Even if we assume that a pet dog is muktzeh on Shabbos it would still be permissible to attach a leash and take him for a walk. When attaching the leash the dog should not be  intentionally moved or touched. Incidental touching ...

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