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Hormonal Contraception

Question: Shalom, why isn´t the progesterone pill a problem of hashjatat zera o zera lebatala if it makes a thick mucus wall that does´t let the zera from penetrating. Answer: The prohibition of השחתת זרע is not determined by whether there is a wall or barrier preventing the זרע from entering the uterus. After all, this is the case with a pregnant women and a בתולה and yet with both there is no prohibition. ...

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Antenatal Screening

Question: לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א Screening for Down's syndrome and other genetic disorders is offered to all pregnant women. There are different ways of carrying out screening tests. A triple screen or quad screen is a first-trimester maternal blood test offered to all pregnant mothers alongside a nuchal translucency ultrasound test between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. The blood test looks at the level ...

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Surrogate Mother

Question: Hi, one of our congregants recently had a baby boy. He informed me that the baby was born of a surrogate mother [non Jew]. In fact the surrogate mother was carrying the egg of a different egg donor [not the mother]. The egg was fertilized by zera of the husband. How should we view the baby? Does it need geirus, and how does that effect the bris? What if the egg was from a non Jewish donor, but the ...

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