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Minimum Size of Talis Katan

Question: My teenage son refuses to wear regular sized tzitzis, as they cause him discomfort, what is the most meikal shitta in the poskim of how small tzitzis can be? Answer: Shulchan Aruch in O:C 16:1 codifies that the minimum size of a talis katan is a garment which could cover the head and most of the body of a child [the age of nine - mishna brura]. The Rama adds that this is on condition that the one ...

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Mezuzah for Boiler Room

Question: Does my boiler room in the attached photo need a mezuza? It's 7 ft deep x 6 ft wide, and as you can see much of that space is taken up by the boiler itself and the sink in the room. There is no door on the room. Answer: This size room actually has the minimum required size for a room to require a mezuza, 4x4 amos. The items in this room do not diminsh the halachic size of the room, and therefore i ...

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