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Real Estate Deal with Non Jew in Israel

Question: I have a peice of land I want to build a number of apartments on [in Israel]. Can I make a deal with an Arab develpor where he builds the apartments, in return I will receive 2 free apartments and the rest will be for him to sell. The land is in a totally Jewish area and there is no practical possibility of anything ending up in non Jewish hands. In the interim however he will be the owner of the ...

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G’neivas Da’as in Real Estate

Question: לכבוד הרב שליט"א A real estate agent tells me that it is "common business practice" in his industry to create a sense of urgency to a potential renter or leaser of a property in order to get the person to rent/lease. This includes making believe there are other customers who are interested in the property, when there is really not. This sounds like outright g'neivas da'as. Is there any heter to th ...

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