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Onions Left Overnight

Onions Left Overnight Question: Hi, I chopped up onions and then realised I will be unable to prepare the dish until tomorrow. Is there any permissible way to leave onions overnight and still be allowed to eat them. Answer: For onions left overnight, add in to the onions [even] a small amount of something else, such as oil, salt or sugar. Thus it is considered a mixture and not subject to this concern. Sour ...

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Spreading Salt & Sand Mixture on Snow on Shabbos

Question: According to Maran shlita, on shabbat, would it be permitted to spread a salt and sand mixture in order to melt snow outside one's house if the floor is made up of cement or is there a חשש of בונה? Many thanks Answer: This would be permitted. There are two potential problems with spreading such a mixture on the walk on Shabbos. One would be the melocho of Boneh which you mentioned. In this regard ...

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