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Sephardim Carrying in Eruv

Question: In general, can a Sephardi carry within an eruv which relies on tzurat hapetach? Although it's mentioned in some poskim that it's best to avoid carrying, can a doctor going to visit a patient on shabbat rely on the Eruv? What is the Rav's view on this? Answer: A properly constructed Eruv which makes use of Tzuras Hapesach may be used by Sefardim and Ashkenazim alike. In an area when there is quest ...

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Bishul Yisrael for Sefardim

Question: Can a Sephardi rely on the opinion of the Rema (with regards to the definition of bishul Yisrael) in order to enable him to eat in a kosher restaurant owned by a Jew in which only the non-jewish chef is involved in the cooking process? Many thanks Answer: While ideally a Sefaradi should try to eat Bishul Yisrael as per the Mechaber even in a restaurant, there is what to rely on in such a scenario ...

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