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Donated Sefer Torah

Question: A few years ago I donated a Sefer Torah to a Shul. As I have now moved I would like to take the Sefer Torah with me to my new Shul. Am I allowed to do so or does it need to remain in the previous Shul I donated it to? I would appreciate any mekoros to see this matter inside. Thank you very much Answer: Unless there was some explicit stipulation when you donated the Torah, you may take the Torah wi ...

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Following Sefer Torah

Following Sefer Torah Question: Is there basis to follow a sefer torah when being brought to the bima and when being brought back? Answer: Yes, this is brought by the Rama to O:C 149, that when the Sefer Torah passes by someone, they should follow until it reaches it's destination. This is brought by the Mishna Brura ibid. s"k 7. It seems that this refers only to someone who the Torah passes by him in close ...

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Owning Seforim

Question: I once heard it's a mitzvah to own seforim. Does this have any basis and is it true? Answer: This is the opinion of the Rosh brought in the Tur, Yoreh Deah Siman 270, that since in our times our learning is not done with an actual Torah scroll but rather with Seforim of Chumash, Mishnah and Gemara, the mitzvah to write a Sefer Torah is fulfilled by writing Seforim of this kind. Igros Moshe Yoreh D ...

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Sefer Torah on Airplane

Question: I recently travelled on a plane and next to me say a Jew who was holding a Sefer Torah [he is a Sofer who wrote the Torah for a community abroad]. His claim is that this is obligatory according to Halachah, and that the Torah cannot be placed in a suitcase. Is this true? Is there a difference between folios of the Sefer Torah and the Torah after it is stitched up? Answer: There is no obligation th ...

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Taking out Torah for Group

Question: As part of our Jewish studies program we take students who are non-observant on a trip to shul. I wished to know if as part of the trip we can take out the Sefer Torah in order to teach them about it. Answer: It is permitted to take out the Sefer Torah in order to show it to those who are not yet observant. This is not a denigration of the Torah, but on the contrary an honor of the Torah, in teach ...

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