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Owning Seforim

Question: I once heard it's a mitzvah to own seforim. Does this have any basis and is it true? Answer: This is the opinion of the Rosh brought in the Tur, Yoreh Deah Siman 270, that since in our times our learning is not done with an actual Torah scroll but rather with Seforim of Chumash, Mishnah and Gemara, the mitzvah to write a Sefer Torah is fulfilled by writing Seforim of this kind. Igros Moshe Yoreh D ...

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Changing Diapers in a room with Seforim

Question: May one change an infant's diaper in a living room or den that conatins seforim? If it is mutar until a certain age, at what point is it no longer mutar? Answer: Changing a diaper in a room with seforim is permissible. One who wishes to be stringent may position himself between the baby and the seforim while changing the diaper. See Shu"t Machaze Eliyahu [siman 5-6] who explains at length that the ...

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Buying Seforim with Maaser money

Question: Can one use maaser money to buy seforim that one will use to prepare shiurim? Kol tuv Answer: The poskim bring purchsing seforim as a vaild use for maaser money. However this is only if he otherwise would not have bought the sefer with his own money. In addition he has to write in the sefer that the sefer is from maaser money, and should be made available to others to use as well. Seforim which wi ...

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