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Shavuos in St. Petersberg

Question: Shalom, Rabbi! You answered about early 2nd day of Shavuot in St. Petersburg. What about this year that Shavuot is Motzei Shabbos? Is it possible to make kiddush and yom tov meal before Shabbos end? It is all at time of White Nights. Thank You. Answer: Yes, this leniency would apply this year as well. However. no melacha may be done until Chatzos [cooking, lighting candles] as with regard to Bibli ...

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Sefiras Haomer for Children by Day

Question: A question from a teacher in a frum Primary School In a place where Nacht comes in late, and young children (8 - 10 yrs old) are sleeping already, is it advisable to count the omer in the morning in class (of course without a Beracha) or rather not. I understood that probably better not, see Ritvo Sukkah 2: re Hilany Hamalkah. And it may be compared also to the Maharil Diskin and Harav Sh Z Auerba ...

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