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Birkas Hatorah on Shavuos Morning

Question: How should one who stays up the whole on Shavuos conduct himself in the morning with regards to Birkas Hatorah? Answer: The minhag accepted by many is too hear the birkas hatorah from one who slept and is obligated according to all opinions. In fact one may make the brachos himself, even if he did not sleep. If one had slept during the day of Erev Shavuos certainly he could make the brachos himsel ...

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Shavuot in S. Petersburg – follow up

Question: Thank You for your answer. According to Rabbi's answer about Shavuot at S. Petersburg.  It is not clear only one detail. It is difficult to make evening meal until tzet shabat as the Rabbi said because it is at one at night and at the same time alot hashachar that we must interrupt meal anyway. Is it possible that only a few of us, maybe women, eat something for candles lighting? Gut yom tov Meir ...

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Shavuos – The First Commitment

The Torah refers to Shavuos as “Yom  HaBikkurim – the Day of the First Fruit Offerings,”[1] making no mention of it as the Festival of Kabbalas HaTorah.  Nonetheless, this is how it is widely observed and how it is called in our prayers: “zman matan toraseinu – the time of the giving of our Torah.”  It is therefore all the more fascinating that a calculation of the dates provided in the Chumash and Gemara r ...

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