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Bracha on a Gift – Megillas Ester

Question: My mother-in-law is giving me a gift of a beautiful Megillas Esther. Should I make the bracha of Shehechyanu since I have no plans to lain it in public and, so, no one else but i will have hana'ah from it? Or should I say Hatov v'Hameitiv, since she will have hana'ah from giving it to me? Answer: In fact it is questionable if a bracha should be made at all. The Magen Avraham 223:5 rules that upon ...

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Bracha on Refurbishing a Home

Question: A family are moving into a new home which has had significant refurbishment but is not built from new. Can the husband make the bracha of hatov v'hametiv and/or shehechyanu on moving in? What is the opinion of the גאב׳ד on this? Many thanks. Answer: One who purchases a home makes a bracha of הטוב והמטיב. This is both on a new house or one bought from a previous owner. Being that it is new to the p ...

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