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Closing Beeping Fridge

Question: A fridge door gets opened by mistake with the Shabbos setting not turned on. It starts beeping loudly. And the whole mishpacha can't sleep (the wife) can you be somech on a shvus deshvus and close the door with a shinui. Or is it only that we are somech on that with amira leakum if so where is it mefurash. And also If you close the door and the beeping goes off inadvertently is that called a grama ...

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Hospital Shift on Shabbat

Question: לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א A junior doctor who is having to work on a shift in a hospital on shabbat (בחוץ לארץ אם חולים שאינם יהודים) 1. When liaising with colleagues (for urgent and non-urgent matters relating to patient care) is it preferable to send messages via text messages (SMS) or to phone using a smart phone or regular (landline) phone? 2. What is considered a shinuy when having to u ...

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