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No kavono [intent] in Avos

Question: The MB in Biur Halocho (siman 101) writes that a person who said Shmone Esrei and had no kavono [intent] in the bracha of Avos, should "save" his Shmone Esrei by listening and fulfilling his obligation with the chazoras hashatz. What is the Rav's opinion in this matter? Many thanks! Answer: If one has already completed his Shmone Esrei he does not go back. If one is in the middle of Avos he may go ...

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Saying Yaaleh V’yavo Out Loud

Question: I have benefited many times from my neighbors in shul saying Yaaleh V'Yavoh, or V'sein Tal Umatar, out loud in their silent shemona esray, as a reminder to other mispallelim. But I've wondered if this is proper in light of that fact that a silent shemona esray is to be just that. Is this practice according to halacha or not? Answer: Shmoneh Esrei is said quietly in order not to disturb the concent ...

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