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Shnayim Mikra

Question: Can one read an English translation to fulfill the targum requirement for shnayim mikra? Does the Halacha differ depending on the age/level? Answer: Ideally one should fulfill this obligation through Rashi or Onkelos. If one is unable to do either of the above an english translation that is based on Chazal and/or Rashi may be used to fulfill one's obligation. See Mishna Brura 285:5 ...

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Shnayim Mikra for International Traveller

Question: Shalom, I plan to travel Tues night from NY to EY. With regards to shanyim mikra, must i learn bamidbar until my flight and then start nasso once i land? Or can i start nasso earlier in the week? Also can i conclude bamidbar once i'm in EY, or would that not be considered "with the tzibbur"? Thank you very much Answer: It would seem that ideally you should in fact learn Bamidbar while still in NY ...

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Not Fulfilling Shnayim Mikra

Question: Shnayim Mikro Many Yidden seem to be meikil with the obligation to say Shnayim Mikro ve`echod targum. Is there any limud zechus for this? Many thanks Answer: Igros Moshe [O"C 5:17] notes the prevalent custom to not fulfill this obligation. He admonishes this practice and proves from various sources that all are obligated in this mitzvah, including Torah Scholars who spend their days and nights in ...

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