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Liability of Messenger for Purchase

Liability of Messenger for Purchase Question: I was asked if I can buy a expensive item for my friend and to lay out the money. I bought it and a אונס happened on the way back. I told him he has to pay because I was a shomer chinum– he claims that he was never Koneh it and he is very sorry but it is my loss (Chutzpah!!)– who is right?? Answer: He certainly did acquire the object. He appointed you a messenge ...

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Overweight Luggage

Question: Reuven and Shimon are both visiting Eretz Yisroel from New York. Shimon bought a little too many seforim while in Eretz Yisroel so he doesn't have any room in his luggage. He asks Reuven if he has any room for some of his seforim and Reuven says yes and agrees to take some of Shimon's seforim. When Reuven checks in his luggage he is told that they are overweight and he will have to pay $100. Who i ...

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