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Photos on siddurim and parsha sheets

Question: Is one permitted to have siddurim or parsha sheets with pictures of individuals (rabbonim and alike) in his field of vision during davening or is it best for these to be covered whilst praying? Many thanks Answer: One may not have pictures hanging in front of him. In one's field of vision should also be avoided as this disturbs concentration. מקורות וביאורים בשלחן ערוך סימן צ סעיף כג איתא שאין לאד ...

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Tefilla for Government

Question: Kvod HoRav Shlite, It is clear from different psukim, from the mishna in oves, from gemores, from rishonim and acharonim amongst them gedole haposkim (chatam sofer, aruch hashulchan...) that a tfille for the prayer for the welfare of the government is to be said. Why do not we follow we this old tradition nowadays? Would it be proper to reintroduce it? Answer: While it is certainly fitting to pray ...

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