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Shavuot in S. Petersburg – follow up

Question: Thank You for your answer. According to Rabbi's answer about Shavuot at S. Petersburg.  It is not clear only one detail. It is difficult to make evening meal until tzet shabat as the Rabbi said because it is at one at night and at the same time alot hashachar that we must interrupt meal anyway. Is it possible that only a few of us, maybe women, eat something for candles lighting? Gut yom tov Meir ...

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Tevilah in St. Petersburg

Question: In our city St. Petersburg , Russia, in the summer tzeis ha-kochovim (Gra) is at 12:30 at night, because of the "white night." Can a woman rely on the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam and immerse in mikveh (on 7 day) before tzeis, and come home after? It is very difficult to immerse at 12:30 at night and come home; this can be at 2 at night on the leil tevilah. Thank You. Answer: Under extenuating circumst ...

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