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Paying in Cash to Avoid Taxes

Paying in Cash to Avoid Taxes Question: B'kavod HaRav, Here in galut I sometimes encounter Jewish workers or merchants who tell me that I can pay them in cash (or with a check made out to cash) and then they will not charge me tax. Am I halachically allowed to do that? Would something like this be considered lifnei eiver or m'sayeh li'day avayra? Respectfully Answer: Dina Dmalchusa, Chilul Hashem, Gezel Aku ...

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Avoiding VAT at Hotel

Avoiding VAT at Hotel Question: Because of my Israeli citizenship I need to pay tax in a hotel. am I able to show them my passport so they wont charge me tax I want to be honest and believe that all money is from Hashem. the issue is I will avoid staying at the hotel if I need to pay tax. is this a valid claim or i should just pay the tax. Thank you Answer: The fact that you would otherwise not patronize th ...

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