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Completing Minyan with Minor

Question: Dear Rabbi! We here have minyan only on shabos. When someone leaves the minyan is not at all. The second synagogue is far away and people even on Shabbat pray without a minyan. Whether it is possible in such a situation to attach the child to the minyan? What is the Rav's opinion? Answer: An effort should be made to have a miyan of adults. If sometimes there are only 9 adults, a katan may be used ...

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Hat for Tefillah – Da`as HaMB

Question: The MB in Siman 91 s`k 12 states that one must daven with a `big` hat (and not merely a Kuppel) since this is the way one would stand before`Gedoilim`. I have investigated and it is a fact that one would not approach nowadays any royal with a hat - it therefore would seem this MB is not le`dina anymore. It could well be there are additional inyonim or reasons for wearing hats which the MB does not ...

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Nusach Sefard in Ashkenaz minyan

Question: When i daven in an ashkenaz minyan, as a nusach sefard davener usually, what should I do to keep within halacha? should i daven sefard fully or ashkenaz fully? Or something else? Answer: You can daven nusach Sefarad for Shmone Esrei and other parts of Tefilla that will not be noticed by others. Kedusha must be said along with the nusach of the Tzibbur. Sources: עיין משנה ברורה סימן סח ס"ק ד, שות ו ...

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Photos on siddurim and parsha sheets

Question: Is one permitted to have siddurim or parsha sheets with pictures of individuals (rabbonim and alike) in his field of vision during davening or is it best for these to be covered whilst praying? Many thanks Answer: One may not have pictures hanging in front of him. In one's field of vision should also be avoided as this disturbs concentration. מקורות וביאורים בשלחן ערוך סימן צ סעיף כג איתא שאין לאד ...

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