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Tevila for Seder Plate

Question: Does a silver plated seder plate require tevilas keilim with a bracha? Answer: In fact it would seem that מעיקר הדין the seder plate does not require tevilah at all. The general rule is that only keilim used for eating require tevilah. The seder plate in most homes is only for display purposes, and is in fact not eaten off of at all. Earlier sources quoted to be tovel the seder plate where in a ti ...

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Questions in Tevillas Keilim

Question: May I ask the following Shales re Tevillas Keilim: Toasters The p`sak of R Moshe Feinstein re `Toasters ` is well known and many authorities argue with him. I was wondering what the Rovs opinion is on the requirement to toivel them. Additionally, what is the halocho re regular kettles to heart up water. Surely acc to the above, there is no need to toivel them as they also only enhance the water (l ...

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Tevila for a water urn

Question: I recently purchased a hot water urn, the seller told me not to immerse it in water, it may break and he assumes no responsibility. Am I exempt from tevilas keilim or do I have to return it and purchase a different one that could be immersed? Answer: An urn which could be ruined by tevila, should either be sold to a non jew and borrowed back from him [permanently]. Alternatively, it could be taken ...

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