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Tevilah for Water Cooler

Question: Does a water cooler that has metal in the part that cools the water need to be tovled? Answer: Water coolers are exempt from Tevillas Keilim. One who wishes to be stringent in this matter transfer ownership of the cooler to a non Jew and borrow it back from him for usage. Although this practice is not generally relied on to absolve the obligation for Tevila, in this instance where the cooler is ex ...

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Tevilah for Seder Plate

Question: Does a silver plated seder plate require tevilas keilim with a bracha? Answer: In fact it would seem that מעיקר הדין the seder plate does not require tevilah at all. The general rule is that only keilim used for eating require tevilah. The seder plate in most homes is only for display purposes, and is in fact not eaten off of at all. Earlier sources quoted to be tovel the seder plate where in a ti ...

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Tvilah with Prosthetic Eye

Question: I will be officiating at the wedding of relatively new baalei tshuva in the coming weeks. It has come to my attention that the kallah has a prosthetic eye. She is very new to this and feels very embarrassed to remove it in front of the mikvah attendant. Could she be tovel with the prosthetic eye? Answer: Ideally all issues of chatzitza should avoided if possible. In extenuating circumstances such ...

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