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Various Questions

Various Questions Question: I have 4 sheilos I would like to ask the Rov. The first question is, should a person learn yiddish so he should be able to access more Torah in the future or should he just sit and learn Torah right now? The vast majority of Torah is now available in Hebrew or English. Unless you have a specific Yeshiva or Shiur in mind for which Yiddish is necessary, you don't have to invest you ...

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Talmud Torah for Non Jew

Question: Am I allowed to invite a goy to a talmud class in order for him to bring a Jew? Answer: A class may be taught even if there are non Jews in attendance. Inviting directly should be avoided, but if this is the only way to bring the Jew to the class, and this is a crucial step in his path to teshuva, it would seem permissible on a one time basis. If the class is teaching Torah Shebechsav, there is ev ...

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Reciting Tehillim for the Sick

Question: The Rambam in the eleventh perek of hilchos avodah zara seems too clearly indicate that it is prohibited to use the words of Torah, such as saying Tehilim to heal a sick person. How do we reconcile this with the common practice to say Tehillim for a sick person, even spelling out his name with Perek 119 as is common? Answer: The custom of saying Tehillim for the purpose of bringing a refuah to a s ...

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Reading Twice from the Torah

Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Kotner, Rabbi of Beachwood, Ohio I received your letter, and here is my brief reply – for want of time. You asked if it is permitted for somebody who has already read from the Torah to read again from the Torah and thus fulfill the obligation on behalf of others. You noted that according to the opinions that reading from the Torah is a personal (and not a communal) obligation, it follows ...

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