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Tzitzis – Bigdei Shabbos

Question: If one purchased a new pair of tzitzis, and his old one is still kasher. Should he wear the new one on Shabbos to honor the Shabbos, or during the week to fulfill mitzvas tzitzis b'hiddur for the whole week? And if he should wear the new ones during the week, would it be proper to change into the old ones for Shabbos, or he should keep on wearing the new ones? Answer: Being that they are both kosh ...

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Various Questions

Various Questions Question: I have 4 sheilos I would like to ask the Rov. The first question is, should a person learn yiddish so he should be able to access more Torah in the future or should he just sit and learn Torah right now? The vast majority of Torah is now available in Hebrew or English. Unless you have a specific Yeshiva or Shiur in mind for which Yiddish is necessary, you don't have to invest you ...

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T’cheiles from Murex Truncules

Question: What is the Rav's opinion about wearing the "new" Tcheiles derived from the Murex snail? The archeological evidence seems quite convincing, and there seems to be nothing to lose by wearing it on the chance it's the real T'cheiles. Answer: The sources from which we derive our direction for kiyum hamitzvos is the Torah. Our classical Torah sources, namely the Talmud, Midrash, the early commentaries ...

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