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How To Tuck In Tzitzis

How To Tuck In Tzitzis Question: For someone who "goes among the gentiles" and wants to NOT wear his tzitzis out, where is he supposed to put them? It seems that leaving them hang inside one's pants would be a bizayon and we no longer make "pockets" on the corners that the MB mentions. Answer: According to the opinion that the tzitzis strings must be worn on the outside, it is degrading to the mitzvah to we ...

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Hefsek in Birchas Tallis and Tefillin

Question: Gut Voch May I ask Moreinu`s opinion on the following two questions: 1. The M`B paskens (Siman 8) that if the Talis falls of during davening and then one puts it on again one should make a new Berocho. Other Poskim (incl. R Sh Z sz`l and the Tehilo leDovid are choilek and compare to the Shlo re Tefilin that throughout Tefilloh there is no hessech Hada`as. What is the right approach in the Rov`s op ...

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Minimum Size of Talis Katan

Question: My teenage son refuses to wear regular sized tzitzis, as they cause him discomfort, what is the most meikal shitta in the poskim of how small tzitzis can be? Answer: Shulchan Aruch in O:C 16:1 codifies that the minimum size of a talis katan is a garment which could cover the head and most of the body of a child [the age of nine - mishna brura]. The Rama adds that this is on condition that the one ...

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