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The Obligation to Vaccinate

Question: There has been much discussion recently about the obligation to vaccinate. What is the Rav's opinion on the matter? Answer: It is the obligation of every parent to vaccinate their children. לשאלת רבים ממורי ההוראה ומנהיגי עם האם יש חיוב על ההורים לחסן את ילדיהם בחיסונים המקובלים למנוע מחלות קשות, כי יש מחשובי הרבנים שגילו דעתם בעת האחרונה דכיון דע"י החיסון יש חשש לנזק בריאותי, לא רק שמותר להורים ל ...

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Question: L'Kavod HaRav, My wife and I have been struggling with the issue of vaccinating our newborn. I saw in a previous question that the Rav poskened that there is an obligation to do so. While all of the mainstream medical organizations recommend vaccinations, it does seem that there is at least a minority opinion cautioning certain aspects, with an extreme opinion saying not to vaccinate at all. This ...

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