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Attending a consevative wedding of a student

Question: Dear Rav, My wife and I are in Kiruv. My wife also teaches kallahs. A few months ago my wife got a phone call  about a girl  completely not religious and unaffiliated who got engaged. Her friend encouraged her to do Kallah classes with my wife. My wife began teaching her via phone and skype. They have become very close. This kallah is getting married by a consevative Rabbi. My wife told her she wo ...

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Officiating at Wedding of Non Religious Couple

Question: I've been asked to officiate at the upcoming wedding of one of the colleges students that participated in our outreach program many years ago. Although the couple is jewish, they and their familes remain very "Viet" from yiddishkeit. Several issues have arisen. 1. Regarding the date, am I to ask that they please not make the date during the sifira dates or is that something I shouldn't make an iss ...

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